About Us

Come meet the Team!

I'm Jess, a wife, mother, and friend. These people next to me are my co-workers. Mark, my amazing Husband who you can find lifting all the heavy things and helping me with pre-orders, Owen the Intern Corrdinator, and Jack the newest Intern. You can find cute Intern footage on our Instagram page.

I truly enjoy what I do here at Get Happy Tees: Making fun shirts and vinyl decals for people who enjoy the same things as me. 

Unless otherwise stated in the listings, my shirts are made to order and printed Direct-To-Garment. By printing them made to order, I am able to customize them to your liking. That's why I've created the Style Upgrades section of the website, to bring your ideas to life.

My vinyl decals are made to order as well. Every order that comes through I cut, weed, and package the decal with a personalized note. I take pride in my work and hope that you enjoy every order placed through Get Happy Tees.

If you're interested in what books I've read, check out my Book Reviews and Goodreads

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