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Shirts & Clothing

I'm not sure what size I need. Help!

No problem! Sizing will vary based on the product you're planning on purchasing. That's why we've included sizing charts on all product listings. To get the best size, we recommend you measure your favorite shirt, laid flat, at the bust/chest for width and the top of the shoulder to the bottom hem for length. If you need more help feel free to fill out the contact form and we'll get in touch!

Are your shirts vinyl or screen printed?

Neither! Unless stated otherwise, designs are printed in a process called Direct-to-Garment. A printer directly applies the ink onto the shirt with inkjet technology. Think of printing on paper, but on a t-shirt! This creates a long lasting design that will not crack or peel off with wear or washing (as long as they are washed according to instructions). Sometimes a slight muting of colors can happen to give the shirt design a soft feel. If there is a noticeable imperfection to your shirt please reach out with photos so we can fix the issue!

I just received my shirt and it smells like vinegar.. Why?

We get this a lot. Unfortunately that's the only downside to the way that we print our shirts. The vinegar-like smell is harmless and will go away when the shirt is removed from the package and washed. The smell is due to the solution that makes the designs "stick" to the shirt during the Direct-to-Garment process.

What's the difference between Heather and non-Heather colors?

Heather refers to interwoven yarns of mixed colors, producing flecks of an alternate color. It is typically used to mix multiple shades of grey or grey with another color to produce a muted shade. Any of the colors that are described as heather are NOT solid colors, but a mix of two or three colors. If you have any questions about the color please feel free to reach out to us. 

When will my shirt arrive?

Due to COVID-19, our shirts are currently being printed within 1-2 weeks. This does NOT include shipping time. Please note that this can change at any time. Our limited edition items are sent out within 1-3 business days. Please check the listing for shipping times for Pre-Order items. If you need an item quickly, please reach out to us and see if we can accommodate your request. Thank you for understanding that we are a small shop and not Amazon. 

Can you do a design on a different style or color shirt?

We totally get it: you love a design but hate the cut or color. You can find a handful of different styles under our Custom Styles section. Within those listings we have a variety of colors available. If you have a question about how the design will look on a specific color, we often are able to provide a mockup of the shirt so you can see BEFORE you purchase. Some items are for embroidered designs only. Other items can be printed or embroidered. Check the listing you're interested in for more details and please pay attention to what you'll need to include in your order notes.

If you want a design that is normally printed to be embroidered please reach out to us to see if it is possible. Sometimes the design is too intricate or has too many colors to be embroidered. Please note that you may have to pay a $7 Embroidery Add-On. This is the cost for us to digitize the design for the embroidery machine. We do not make a profit off of this add-on.

If you have any other questions about the custom styles, feel free to reach out to us.


Decals & Stickers

How do I apply my decal or sticker?

Step 1: Pick out where you plan on putting the decal. Clean the area thoroughly with either rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Please do NOT use Windex or other cleaning products as they leave residue.

Step 2: Prep the decal for application by using a credit card (or something similar) across the transfer sheet (the clear part). This makes the decal cling to the transfer sheet.

Step 3: Slowly remove the white (or blue) backing and lower the decal onto the clean surface. Use the credit card again to make sure that it sticks to the new surface.

Step 4: Slowly - we mean SLOWLY! - peel the transfer sheet off at an angle. If the decal does not stay on the new surface, rub the transfer sheet again with a credit card and continue peeling.

Please note that we are unable to replace or refund decals that were damaged during the application process.

Where's my tracking code?

Decals, Stickers, and Magnets are shipped in regular mail, separate from t-shirts, therefore they do not have a tracking code. If you haven't received your order after a month of your shipped email, please contact us


Custom Orders, Collaborations, & Wholesale

I have an idea, can you create a shirt for me?

We love doing custom orders! Check out our Custom Design product listing for more information!

I'm hosting a giveaway, want to collaborate?

We LOVE collaborating! Contact us  with what you're looking for and what the giveaway entails and we'll see what we can do! We've partnered with a number of shops, bookstagrammers, and other creatives to host or be part of giveaways!

Do you offer wholesale pricing for shops or subscription boxes?

Absolutely - Contact us with a general idea of product, quantity, and turnaround time. We'll get back to you with any questions we have and a quote. We look forward to working with you!

I am an author or business owner wondering if you could design something for me?

We love working with creative people! - Contact us and let us know what you're looking for and how we can help! We are looking forward to working with you!


Order Inquires

I put the wrong address, size, or something else. Help!

Okay, don't panic. Please contact us as soon as you realize the mistake. If it is a sizing issue we will try to fix it but cannot promise a resolution. If it is an address issue BEFORE the order has been sent out, we usually can fix that easily. If it is an address issue AFTER the order has been sent out, we will have to wait until the order comes back to us. You may be required to pay the additional shipping. Please be patient with us. 

Can I cancel my order?

Please reach out to us as soon as possible. Sometimes we are unable to cancel an order after it has already begun printing. If we can't cancel the order, we will ask that you ship the order back to us. Once we receive the order we can process a return.

Where is my order?

As you are well aware, with COVID and the mess that was 2020, USPS along with other mail carriers, has been experiencing extreme delays. Please reach out to us via the contact form and we will see where your order is in the process and what we can do to fix it.

I got the wrong order, can you fix it?

Oh no! We're so sorry, mistakes happen! Shoot us an email with a photo of the order you received and we will make it right!

Can I return a product for a refund or exchange for another size?

Not a problem. As long as you did not order a custom item, we are able to exchange or return. Please note that you will be responsible for any additional fees or shipping. Just shoot us an email to begin the process or find out if you are able to.

I have a problem with my order. Help!

We're so sorry to hear that! We strive to produce only the best, but unfortunately mistakes do happen. Please contact us or email us with what's going on and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Including a photo in your initial contact can make the process go faster. We appreciate your patience and will fix this issue!

I owe import taxes and fees, can you pay them?

Sorry to hear that you have to pay a fee to customs. This is a common practice when purchasing something out of your country. We are not responsible for any fees associated with customs or import. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing if you will have to pay any fees or how much the fees will be. By purchasing one of our items, you as the buyer are responsible for paying all applicable fees and taxes. 

Do you have coupon codes that I can use to save some money? 

There are a number of coupon codes available. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, there are special codes provided. You can subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of this page and filling out to form. If you follow us on Instagram, our reps have their own codes as well. Sometimes we'll even throw an additional coupon in an Instagram post, so be sure to keep up to date by following us!


Shipping Inquires

Do you ship to my country?

Quite possibly! After adding what you want to your cart, type in your address in the shipping information and see! If it's not available on here then you can check out our Etsy website which ships worldwide. Etsy covers the fees and taxes for international shipping, which is why we offer it on our Etsy website. Please note that you may be charged fees or taxes. This is a common practice when purchasing something out of your country. We are not responsible for any fees associated with customs or import. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing if you will have to pay any fees or how much the fees will be. By purchasing one of our items, you as the buyer are responsible for paying all applicable fees and taxes.

I received my decal but not my shirt. What happened?

Some of our items are shipped from different locations. Don't stress if you only received part of your order, the other is coming. If it's taken an abnormal amount of time, please contact us so we can assess the issue for you.

I received a tracking information for part of my order but not the rest. What happened?

Some of our items are shipped from different locations. If one item has shipped but the others have not, don't stress, they are coming. Vinyl decals and stickers are shipped regular mail so they do not have tracking information.

What's the deal with shipping costs?

Different items will contain different shipping. We usually are able to combine shipping to save you some dough, but there are a ton of factors that go into the shipping costs. For example, if you are placing an order for a limited edition in stock order, sometimes you will get a calculated shipping fee that is how much it costs us to ship from our location to you.

If you order items such as decals, stickers, magnets, or prints, there is no shipping for US purchasers. International purchasers of these items pay a flat US$1.50. 

If you have questions about your shipping price, please shoot us an email with screenshots of your cart and what your shipping cost is. We will be able to assess it and let you know how our system got to that number or if there is a mistake with the shipping.